M87 - RCOS 20" and 12.5" Carbon Truss Ritchey-Chretiens

Messier 87 - Elliptical Galaxy with Jet

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By Rob Gendler using (both) Remote 20" and 12.5" RCOS Carbon Truss Ritchey-Chrétiens at New Mexico Skies.

Composite of data taken with 20" and 12.5" RC
Composite image, Total Exposure 13 Hours
Image acquired at the Nighthawk Observatory
Image data acquired remotely using CCDAutoPilot2
RCOS 20RC f/8 and 12.5 f/9 Carbon Truss Ritchey-Chrétien with RCOS Field Flattener / Corrector.
Software Bisque Paramount ME, SBIG STL-11000XM

RCOS 20" Carbon Truss Telescope